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Noshi Ventures Ltd


With over 9 years in experience, Noshi Ventures has been one of the leading power houses in the field of interior design handling modern interior design, paint works, interior finishes and renovations, interior spaces management, fittings and fixtures etc.

After careful market research and analysis, the firm opted to extend its services to the e-commerce space by selling products and services online. They would deal with the sale of exotic and luxurious furniture, paints, wallpapers, crafts, etc. This move was prompted by a lack of a major player in the industry and hence an opportunity was realized therefore a smooth entry into a new space needed a thoroughly crafted brand strategy design.

Craft a modern branding strategy to be able to identify with potential and target client easily.

Aligned the brand strategy with brand values and vision evaluating the market needs and the brand's perception in a new market.

  • Fliers
  • Tent cards
  • Brand profile
  • Digital content
  • Product profiles
  • Company website
  • Ful Brand Identity

The brand identity collaterals ensured a smooth communication and interactions between the brand and various clients and key stakeholders.

The website saw a 65% ROI as it effected sale of interior DIY products easily.

Website URL: kejanibynoshi.co.ke


Having an existing brand identity, we had to carefully look at how the brand would stand out and look unique in the market full of other industry key players to be able to appeal to potential client easily.

The primary choice of colors and overall design was to be friendly and attractive to the target market. The brand collaterals were to be uniquely designed putting careful consideration to the choice of fonts, imagery, layout, and composition of the various brand materials. We designed a new logo for the e-commerce venture in line with the mother brand identity and later developed various brand identity collaterals for the new sub-brand.

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