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London Dialysis Clinic


London Dialysis Clinic is a state of art premier renal health clinic located in various locations in Nairobi, Kenya. The newly launched state of art renal facility which set foot in Kenya from London’s United Kingdom, the facility needed a new brand look to enable it communicate to the local market ideally.

We were tasked with crafting a new brand and look for the new investor setting foot to give the brand an appealing look that would set it apart from the local competition and have a new look for the brand.

Create a new look for the brand while maintaing the brand's origins texture.

  • Branding
  • Packaging design
  • Digital media marketing
  • Web design & development
  • Brand Profile
  • Brand guide
  • Company website
  • Digital Content Creation

The brand identity collaterals (brand profile, brochure, cards) ensured a smooth communication and interactions between the brand and various clients and key stakeholders.

The website, online social media ensured maximum trustr achieved and helped amass a great following of a network in the online space.

Website URL: londondialysis.com


The knowledge of the brand ideal values was very important as it gave a vibrant and clear trajectory of the design process. On site photography and interior office space branding was done, maintaining the brand's guidlines. Besides the current brand at hand, we also worked on other parallel brands of the same investor on a wide variety of creative design and digital projects highlighted in our portfolio giving them a premium brand look: Access Medical & Dialysis Centre, Alpha Plus Baby Formula.

The outcome: We managed to get the local trust and achieved a good number of cliens onboaded just after a month of the brand launch and setup. Impeccable results were witnessed on the social space through the website's organic traffic, digital marketing, email marketing and online communications.

Digital Marketing Content Creation

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