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SOS SACCO is one of the leading coperarives society in Kenya with exitense of over 25 years having its establishment mainly anchored and members drawn from SOS Children’s Villages, an international humaniterian & charity NGO, with several branches in major town in Kenya and beyond. With membrship drawn across the country, the sacco was growing immensely and there was a need to have a digital face as most operations were still carried out “traditionally”.

The coperative society needed an ideal representation of the brand that would communicate ideally its brand values at the same time be a tool that would help in increasing its capacity through in various depths after a key major decision by the management to step up its operations.

Create a new look for the brand that would communicate the society values and increase the socirty capacity in various depths.

  • Branding
  • Print Collaterals
  • Digital media marketing
  • Web design & development
  • Brand profile
  • Brand guide
  • Brochure
  • Merchandise
  • SACCO documents
  • Booklets
  • Digital content
  • Company website

The brand identity collaterals (brand profile, brochure, cards) ensured a smooth communication and interactions between the brand and various clients and key stakeholders.

The website, online social media ensured maximum trust achieved and helped amass a great following of a network in the online space.

We carried email, SMS and digital marketing (content creation) to aplify the brand through our associate brand Infopromo Communications

and this proved a great pull strategy to aid in the arketing process.

Powered by: infopromo.digital


Our execution began by understanding deepky the intent if the brand and with these, it informed and guided our creative journey and decision. Through various financial products the society offers, thei r main goal was to realise financial growth in its members hence that dictated our artistic move from the logo concept all through the digital content to brand merchandise

The logo concept was minimalistic in design with a careful selection of type that was and is used across the brand collaterals. The society choice of colors was also perfect as it symbolises symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration and trust.

Website URL: sossacco.com

Online social media content creation

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