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Wabbzy Kreations

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Wabbzy Kreations


Wabbzy Kreations is a creative digital media and design consultancy based in Nairobi offering impeccable design and media services with a touch of gold and uniqueness. Having been in existence for quite some time the brand needed a new look as part of its brand strategy in order to drive a strong brand prescense at the same time communicate a premium look and feel​

Reignite the brand by giving it a premium look and feel with a strong corporate prescence. 

  • Branding
  • Print Collaterals
  • Digital media marketing
  • Web design & development
  • Identity files
  • Brand guide
  • Branded merchandise

We help grow your audience by narrowing down to your target market enabling you to build a strong & reliable consumer base through articulate brand definition and identity enabling you increase your revenue and build your capacity.

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We developed a brand that was inspired by a unique identity but also maintaining a corporate premium look and feel. With this in mind, we furthered creating two logos that the brand could identify with in various ocassions and media for versatility.

We explored the possibility of using design elements that originated from the logo mark to create visual elements that would be the composition of the brand look and form a pattern that could be used as a brand asset.
Our logo inspiration came from our brand name initials which later created a monogram type of letters "W" and "K" to form our logo.

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